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Smart Phones
Rent the latest smart phone from Rent to Rent. If the model you are looking for is not on our website please contact us for a quote.

Google Pixel 128GB
Rent Google Pixel
$28.00PER WEEK
iPhone 6s 16GB
Rent iPhone 6s 16GB
$22.00PER WEEK
iPhone 6s Plus 16GB
Rent iPhone 6s Plus 16GB
$25.00PER WEEK
iPhone 7 128GB
Rent iPhone 7 128GB
$32.00PER WEEK
iPhone 7 Plus 128GB
Rent iPhone 7 Plus 128GB
$35.00PER WEEK
iphone 8 256GB
iphone 8 256gb
$37.00PER WEEK
iPhone 8+ 256GB
iphone 8+ rental
$41.00PER WEEK
Oppo R11s
Rent a brand new Oppo R11s
$18.00PER WEEK
Samsung Galaxy Note 8
$38.00PER WEEK
Samsung Galaxy S5 16GB
Samsung Galaxy S5 16GB
$12.00PER WEEK
Samsung Galaxy s7
Rent Samsung Galaxy s7
$22.00PER WEEK
Samsung Galaxy S8
galaxy s8 rental
$29.00PER WEEK
Samsung Galaxy S8+
Galaxy S8+ rental
$33.00PER WEEK
Sony XPERIA XZ Premium
rent Sony XPERIA XZ Premium
$28.00PER WEEK